Monday, 27 July 2009

Dr Luthengrad,

or: How I Learned to Stop Dallying and Love the Blog,
or: The Original Sin,
or: The Yelekreb Abstract,
or: maybe-I-should-stop-coming-up-with-stupid-post-titles-and-get-on-with-it (I may need them later).

Welcome to Luthengrad, my little egopolis on the blagosphere. My name’ s Chris, I’ m a writer and this is my little sandbox for exploring reality and fantasy. Well this isn’ t strictly true, I’ m not sure I even make the grade of “ part-time” writer. I’ m still just an ordinary, everyday, casual plotter. I have a draw full of little notebooks, scrap paper and scribbles, of various plots and worlds. So rather than kill another smale forest, and to force me to work a little bit more consistantly, I now have a blog.

This blog’ s mostly for me to post work I’ ve done on characters, worlds, plots and my writing in general. Both for your amusement and critique. Feel free to suggest ways I can improve, what does and doesn’ t work for you, and exercises you’ ve found helpful.

Some of you are probably wondering what The Yelekreb Abstract is. Well, other than being a great title for a story, it most likely will be a post later this week. I suggest you read Miner’ s essay on the Nacirema for some background.

However, first I think I’ ll post a little short story I wrote for a creative writing class last year.

I may run out of commas before this blog ends.

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