Monday, 27 July 2009


Okay I’m not sure a disclaimer is required but better safe than sorry. If there's anything you feel is missing, wrong, ambiguous, could be made more humorous, please comment!


This is my personal blog; it is my work, my opinions, my responsibility. It is not my intent to offend, malign, defame, purge, libel, or humiliate anyone in anyway. It is also not my intent to provide any counsel, advice or service. What you do with what I say is your responsibility.

Please remember, this is a blog. It is changing, un-edited and liable to have mistakes. Similarly my opinions and policies change as well. Also the subjects of external links are beyond my control.

Consider as well, this blog is mostly concerned with fiction. Thus don’t consider what I write and what my characters say to necessarily reflect own my views on people, the world and issues. Far too many people have missed this point reading people’s work in the past (Voldemort makes Harry Potter Satan worship? Right...).


Unless stated otherwise, all contents of this blog are my intellectual property. I retain copyright but publish these under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia Licence (or CCANCSA25AL for short). You may share and use my work for non-commercial purposes, but you must attribute it to me. I retain the right to change this licence in the future.

Comments on this blog are the sole responsibility of the comment authors. I reserve the right to moderate, edit, delete and ban comments and commenter. All this should be able to be avoided by abiding with a civil comments policy:

Be relevant:
You don’t have to be strictly on-topic. A post will generate many topics. Each topic starts off in a sense off-topic anyway. But not everything is relevant to a short story about puppies. A comment about the price of coconut oil on Pluto is likely to be irrelevant nonsense (for most of the universe in fact).
Be well written:
This is a writer’s blog, so we should all try to write well. Avoid simple mistakes, try to be succinct and not just type the first thing that comes into your head. Also use quote (‹q›) and ‹blockquote› tags.
Be useful:
A critique of “it sucks” well... sucks. It’s not a critique, just a reaction. Similarly comments of “hate it”, “cool” and the like are useless. Expand on both what works and doesn’t. They are both important areas for us to consider and learn from. If all you want to do is comment that you liked a post, use the “reactions” buttons under the post.
Be careful:
This blog is public. Don’t say anything you don’t want the world to know. Keep names, emails, personal details private.
Be considerate:
Some things offend people. Some of these things don’t make sense. Most do. Avoid swearing and general poor form. Not that swearing is banned, it’s just unimaginative. If you are offended email me and I'll make a decision. Don't respond, it'll just descend into a flame war.
Be thoughtful:
Is the comment readable? Polite? Useful?


If you wish to contact me for any reason related to the contents of this blog, please email me.

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