Tuesday, 4 January 2011

100 Theme Challenge: Break Away

And I'm back. Rather short, Pela wasn't being very cooperative today. The prompt Break Away made me think of a scene were Pela gives Marc a surprise kiss, but read and you'll see how well Marc handles talking with her. Definite lack of common interests here.

#6: Break Away

Travelling was tiring Marc decided as he slumped into a seat at the inn. Carefully ignoring the merchant hands who he knew were at least snickering at his softness. He was a city man, what did they expect? Walking through Florona hardly prepared one for the drudgery of accompanying a shipment. The worst thing was that if he were to get up onto the city wall, he'd be able to see the lights of home and then he'd get depressed over how slowly it took to get anywhere.

He nursed the ale the barkeep had sold him at an outrageous price, Marc could tell that he was getting special treatment. The inn was fairly full, and tonight's entertainment was a dancer, looked like a Traveller, but he hadn't noticed a camp outside town. Maybe they were camped on the other side? Didn't matter much. It was odd that a Traveller dancer danced inside.

Marc waved and eventually got the barkeep's attention, Have any bards past through here?

A couple, heading for the Carnivale most likely, the bard offered, Got a description?

Short, dark, plays the lyre. May call himself Dorian.

Sorry, don't remember anyone like that.

With a sigh, Marc slid some coin across the bar in thanks. For nothing.

What are you searching for? asked a melodic voice, accompanied by a faint jingle of chimes.

Marc looked down from the ceiling, the Traveller had taken the seat opposite him. She looked so foreign, with her burgundy hair done up in dozens of little braids. Though foreign wasn't the right word, since she didn't come from afar. Just no where.

Following a bard, I have questions to ask him.

Her eyes narrowed at the mention of a bard. Just as abruptly as she sat, she stood. The many trinkets in her clothes sounding angry.

If you have business with a bard, you have no business with me.

With that she turned and stormed out of the inn. Marc uselessly watched the store fall shut. What had he done? She'd invited herself to his table and acted like he'd bargained with her. Cautiously, Marc patted his pockets and belt checking that everything was there. Theft was the only explanation he could come up for her behaviour.

And Marc had thought his wife was confusing.

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