Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blog Necromancy, Spirit Song and the Hundred Theme Challenge

It's alive! Or at least temporarily revived.

Yes, I'm posting again. Someone introduced me to the Hundred Themes Challenge and I've decided that writing one a day should be a good way to get myself into the habit of writing something everyday. I've randomised the order so that I don't use up the tempting themes first.

In the long gap since my previous attempt at starting this blog, I admitted to myself that Covenant (my Australian High Fantasy) had a terminal case of first novelitis, and have shelved it for now.

So I have a new project, current working title Spirit Song. A quest to end an eternal spring in a renaissance Italy ripoff, in a world with music based spirit magic.

I will be doing my best to writing and post something each day, either a response to the Hundred Theme Challenge, or world building musings. I doubt that all these challenges will make into even the first draft, but they should provide useful character studies at least.

Today I have the prologue and first challenge for your entertainment (see posts below).

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